About Carroll ATM

All newly purchased Carroll Companies ATMs are guaranteed under a one-year parts warranty. Extended warranty programs are available upon request.


Carroll Companies has been a local, family-owned service business since 1967. Our parent company, Carroll Glass, is now operated by the family's second generation. Carroll entered the ATM industry shortly after its deregulation in 1996. We recognized the growing need for ATMs to provide convenient services and cash access, everywhere, all the time. Carroll Companies ATM brings you the combined experience you need for a successful ATM solution.


Today, Carroll Companies ATM is a Total ATM Solution Provider providing complete turnkey ATM management solutions to business owners in Ohio ... and we keep growing! With hundreds of terminals under contract, Carroll Companies ATM is one of most significant independent ATM companies in the region.


Carroll Companies ATM is never content to rest on past success. We have partnered with top ATM manufacturers to provide the best possible products for your needs. Our philosophy is listening to what the market wants, not to what our competitors are doing. And we will continue this philosophy in the exciting years to come, so call us today!

Four Plans
Unlimited Opportunities

Make additional CASH with an ATM at no additional out of pocket expense. Call 1-800-234-1911 and ask to speak to a representative.

We are working 24/7, you can call us at any time 1 (800) 234-1911

How it works? – Processing

Data Reported

Data reported by your terminals is received from each switch on a daily basis.

Data Analysis

The data is analyzed to make sure it is complete and accurate.

Data Accumulates

The data is accumulated to give you a complete and accurate summary of transactions presented to you as your monthly statement.

Submit to Request Information

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