ATM Fact$

Increase Traffic And Cash Sales

More than 70% of the U.S. population has an ATM card. 

Customers are more likely to seek out locations with an ATM. Most ATM users are habit-driven, often using the same ATM for all of their transactions. This increases traffic to your location. The convenience for your customers of an ATM machine at your location increases the sales of your products and means more money spent on food, drinks and entertainment.


All ATM networks are showing record growth. 

As the number of cardholders have increased, so have the transactions being preformed at ATMs, at record breaking volumes. Pulse recorded 536 million transactions. Manufacturers such as Tidel show a 61% increase in shipments over the previous year.


Transaction fees are steadily increasing.

Since the surcharge ban was lifted in April 1996, we’ve seen transaction service fees go from $0.00 to an average of $1.75. Larger financial institutions are starting to charge $2.00 in most cases.


An ATM puts money in your customers hands.

Proven ATM customers spend an average of 30% more than non-ATM users. Putting $18 of the $60 (average) withdrawal back in your cash drawer. Multiplied by the 400 uses every month, you’ll increase your customers buying power by $7200 per month or approximately $86400 available to be spent at your business every year. Cash retention in nightclubs can be as much as 70% – 85%.


ATMs increase daily traffic flow.

It only makes sense. People are looking for conveniences — “provide it and they will come”. Numbers vary, but some suggest an increase of 20% to 30% in business due to a properly placed ATM.


Eliminate bad checks, credit card fees and uncomfortable situations between you and your customers.

With billions of dollars in bounced checks every year, why subject yourself to the bookkeeping habits of your customers. How may bad checks would it take to pay for your ATM per month?


Enhance customer satisfaction increasing customer loyalty and your competitive advantage.

Stop sending your customers to your competitors!


Generate advertising revenue.


The advertising market realizes the importance the ATM has in delivering their message. Unlike radio and TV commercials that we have learned to ignore over the years. The ATM has provided a captive audience for the first time in years. Advertising will soon surpass surcharge revenue.


E-Commerce capabilities.

This will enable the ATM to be utilized for multiple internet services.


ATMs are being considered as a vehicle for voting.

After last years election fiasco, researchers are looking into the possibility of using ATM’s to vote in the very near future.


Consumers are more likely to purchase goods if they have cash in hand. 70% of all retail transactions are handled in a cash exchange. Every time the machine is used, it puts cash in the customer’s hands for use at that store location, generating more cash sales and revenue. Plus, this eliminates your fees for credit card transactions and gives you more cash-purchased items.


Today an ATM is a genuine business advantage. Tomorrow it will be a necessity. It is already happening. Major chains and progressive retailers all over the country are installing ATMs for the convenience of their customers and revenue for themselves. Why wait? Take advantage of this opportunity… it’s a win-win situation for everyone. ATMs increase your bottom line, so choose an ATM that is reliable, easy to maintain and with a low cost of ownership — choose a Carroll Companies ATM.


If you have any questions or need further information about any of the above, please contact your Carroll Companies ATM Sales Professional.